Wild Irish island for sale for 1.25 million euros

The island is famous for having the ruins of a monastery of the VIIth century

Aerial view of High Island - myhome.ie
Aerial view of High Island - myhome.ie
Date 30 September 2021

How would you like to buy an Irish island? High Island, a local private island, located off the coast of Connemara has just been put up for sale. Completely wild and uninhabited, it has the particularity of having a ruined monastery from the 7th century, as well as a great diversity of fauna and flora. A unique place, ideal to find peace and tranquility!

An island for sale… for wilderness lovers!

A place away from modern civilization

If you are not afraid of solitude and places without human presence, then High Island is the island for you! Located 3km from the Irish coast, the site is a small paradise of wild nature. A magical place, which lives at the rhythm of the ocean and which promises you a total change of scenery!

The island is famous for its ancient monastery from the 7th century. This one would have been founded by Saint Féichín, when the island was occupied by a handful of inhabitants (about 70 people). The monastery is beautiful, and has the particularity of having been built next to a freshwater lake.

7th century monastery in High Island - myhome.ie

7th century monastery in High Island – myhome.ie

Important information: the monastery may be located on a private island… It is nevertheless owned by the Ministry of Environmental Heritage and the local government: a way to protect the site, and to ensure that no private individual will one day destroy the place. It is therefore important to understand that by buying this island, you will not be the official owner of the monastery.

Another important piece of information: the monastery is not the only historical vestige on the island. Countless ruins and artifacts dating from 10,000 BC to 300 AD have been found all over High Island. Ancient dry stone huts have been identified not far from the monastery.

In addition, the Irish island is known to host rare and endangered birds. There are also peregrine falcons, wild geese, fulmars…etc.

High Island is therefore far from being an island like any other. It is a unique site that offers a preserved glimpse of Ireland as it was centuries ago.

The chance to own a place like this doesn’t come around often. But the price can be a deterrent. Thus High Island is advertised on the website Myhome.ie for the modest sum of 1.25 million euros. A consequent budget which has the merit however to make dream!

It’s here to learn more about the ad: Myhome.ie.

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