Weather: it’s going to be sunny in Ireland this week!

The beautiful days are coming... in the middle of a week of deconfinement!

Irish sunshine - Susan - cc
Irish sunshine - Susan - cc

Would summer already be here? That’s what the weather forecast in Ireland seems to show ! Thus, the Irish weather service, Met Eireann, has just announced that the week would be sunny for the majority of the country. It’s going to be hot and sunny: enough to boost the morale of the Irish people, who are just about to be disconcerted!

Temperatures of up to 21 degrees

Blue skies, and the first heat very awaited!

It’s going to be sunny in Ireland this week… at least until Thursday! And that’s good news for the Emerald Island, often exposed to a changing oceanic climate (the country has had its share of storms during 2019).

So certainly when we talk about heat, we’re not talking about scorching temperatures either? But one thing is certain: the country should experience its first heat of the year. It’s a great way to get back in touch with nature, and Irish spring!

The temperature could reach 21 degrees every afternoon… It should be a little cooler near the Irish coast, but the conditions will be favourable for enjoying the great outdoors! Enough to allow the Irish to go out and enjoy the sun (although the outings are supervised, and limited to groups of 4 people maximum)!

Garden centres and beaches would be the first places to be taken by storm: activities that should allow them to air out, sunbathe, and enjoy the sun’s rays!

For the time being, the Irish nevertheless seem to be being cautious and reasonable: a majority of responsible behaviour has been observed. The population wears masks, practices social distancing and is cautious.

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