Keem Beach - Eric Verleene - cc
Keem Beach - Eric Verleene - cc

Weather in Ireland: 29°C expected this Thursday!

Date 27 May 2020
First heat wave of the year for the Irish country

The sun will continue to shine on Ireland! And the temperature will rise a notch, with 29°C this Thursday! A record temperature, never before reached on the island since the beginning of the year 2020! Enough to allow the Irish to enjoy a bit of sunshine and the first hot days! The atmosphere will therefore be one of holidays, beach and barbecues!

The summer settles in Ireland

Thursday and Friday will be warm and sunny days.

The local weather service, Met Eireann, is forecasting maximum temperatures of 29°C, with dry, sunny and clear skies for this Thursday. The wind will be light, and should help to cool down the warm ambient air a little.

As for Friday, the weather will be just as summery, but with highs of no more than 25 degrees.

This is very good news which should boost the morale of the Irish…

However, that won’t be the case for everyone: as part of the “lockout” linked to Covid-19, many Irish people will not be able to reach the beaches and other magnificent and wild places in the country. Because as a reminder, Ireland is only in the first phase of its deconfinement … This implies that the Irish population is not allowed to move beyond a perimeter of 5 kilometers around their homes.

To put it plainly: some will be able to enjoy the beach, while city dwellers will have to resign themselves to staying close to home, away from natural sites and other typically Irish beaches. Perhaps the only hope is to go to local parks, if they are within the authorized limit.

Be that as it may, summer seems to be taking hold in Ireland. This is good news, on top of the sharp decline in coronavirus in Ireland. This is a good sign that tourism is expected to pick up slowly between now and next August!

To discover at this time in Ireland:

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