U2’s Dublin, a mobile app that will make you discover Dublin through the U2 group!

Discover Dublin and U2 with this 100% rock'n'roll app!

U2'S Dublin application just released - Guide Ireland.com
U2'S Dublin application just released - Guide Ireland.com

U2 fans will be over the moon. A brand new mobile application called U2’s Dublin has just been released. It proposes to visit the must-see places in Dublin… closely related to the history of the famous Irish band U2! A cool and innovative idea, which should allow travelers to take a rock’n’roll tour of the Irish capital.

U2’s Dublin: to follow in the footsteps of Bono and his acolytes

A way to discover Dublin in a different light

For those who wouldn’t know: U2 is a group of Irish origin. Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Junior made their first musical debut here in Dublin … And have never stopped affirming their attachment to the city, and to the rest of Ireland.

That’s why Dan O’Connor, a musician and fan of the band, came up with the brilliant idea of offering a mobile application dedicated to Dublin and the famous Irish rock band. The concept is simple: to list all the tourist sites in County Dublin, whose history would be closely or remotely linked to U2.

This will allow fans to take an initiatory trip in the footsteps of their favorite band!

The application lists more than 145 different places around Dublin, offering anecdotes and other fascinating details about the band.

For example, it features a Dublin store called “Bonavox”, an audition specialist located on North Earl Street, which eventually inspired the stage name Bono.

Other destinations listed on the app include the Harcourt Hotel, formerly Keystone Studio, where U2 recorded its first ever demo.

It is also possible to see where Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam first played together.

Combining the history of the city with that of U2, the application is available for free download on Android and iOS. It promises a different kind of discovery of Dublin, far from the beaten track. It’s sure to delight fans of the early days, and discover Dublin from a new perspective, 100% rock’n’roll.

The application is available on Android and Apple for free. Don’t hesitate to download it: it might well inspire you for your next trip!

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