Irish soups

Nothing beats a good Irish soup to warm up after having crawled all day long! Tasty and comforting, these soups are part of the Irish culinary tradition, and are available in many recipes! Nettle soup, fish soup, cabbage and potato soup… They have the merit to warm up, while being delicious!

Soup in Ireland

Specialities that call on the best of Irish soil!

There’s nothing like a good soup to be savoured by a peat fire in an irish pub! This is one of the simple pleasures that can brighten up an evening! Many local restaurants and pubs offer à la carte soups. Dishes that may well surprise you, due to the wide choice of recipes!

It has to be said that anything can be added to a soup! Vegetables, herbs, fish, meat… The result is never the same, but it is always a delight for the palate!

Icing on the cake, Irish soups are generally very cheap and well-balanced. Count less than 7€ per person! Add to that a few slices of Irish bread (Guinness Bread, soda farl… it’s up to you), and you should enjoy!

Irish soups: the essentials