Irish meat dishes

Irish meat dishes

You’re a carnivore and never say no to a good meat dish? Don’t worry: Ireland offers many meat specialities. Beef, lamb, pork, chicken: there’s something for everyone!

Meat dishes in Ireland

Varied and tasty specialities!

If you are a fine gatsronome, and you want to put an end to the clichés about the simplicity of Irish cuisine, then we advise you to try many local meats! There are many Irish meat specialities, and they are quite tasty!

Starting with their famous Irish Stew, a 100% Irish lamb stew simmered for several hours… A real delight!

But that would be forgetting their “sausages” (sausages), cooked for breakfast, or on the occasion of a tasty Bangers and Mash (a dish based on sausage and homemade mashed potatoes)!

Finally, don’t miss their Black Pudding, a kind of black pudding, also served for breakfast. Pan-fried, it is a sure bet in Irish gastronomy!

Irish meat dishes: the essentials