Irish Ice Creams & Milkshakes

Don’t be fooled by appearances: in Ireland it can be very hot, and in that case the prospect of a good ice cream is rather tempting! And the Irish are the champions when it comes to finding gourmet and original ice creams! Milkshake, ice cream, artisanal ice cream… There is something for all tastes and for the whole family!

Tasty and original Irish ice creams!

In Ireland, there is no season for a good ice cream!

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day, a hot summer day, or a rainy day: there’s always an excuse to enjoy a good ice cream in Ireland! And the Irish are rather inventive in this matter!

Among their must-sees, don’t miss their Guinness or Bailey’s ice cream! Add to that chocolate, a river of caramel, or more classic flavours and you will get a real moment of greediness!

Irish Ice Creams & Milkshakes: the essentials