Irish food

Irish food

In Ireland, food is sacred! Forget the stereotypes that portray Irish food as bad food, too greasy, and tasteless. Ireland is a country rich in quality gastronomic products, so don’t hesitate to try their meats, fish caught on the day, and local vegetables. You will then discover what true Irish gastronomy means! To whet your appetite, here’s an overview of most of the traditional Irish dishes…

Cooking in Ireland: a way of life!

A food that combines traditional cuisine and modernity!

Don’t worry, in Ireland, we eat very well! It must be said that the Irish population is above all a people of good eaters, loving good food and local products! Meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, honeys… Irish cuisine has a reputation for excellence in the field, far from the prejudices where the rest of the world once thought they were just cabbage and potato eaters!

Certainly, some dishes still use this tuber, but the unique know-how of the Irish in this field makes these dishes unforgettable! Starting with the Irish Stew, or Colcannon or the famous Bangers and Mash! Ancestral dishes to be tasted without hesitation!

But Ireland is also home to wild smoked salmon, oysters, mussels, cod, pike and other tasty fish. It is also the land of the “irish breakfast”, the famous complete breakfast, which combines sweet and savoury foods. A tasty meal which makes them proud, and which will take you away from the essentially sweet continental breakfasts…

Finally, don’t forget to push the door of Irish pubs or restaurants: they will offer you recipes of renowned Irish cuisine, sometimes modernised, sometimes left as is. All of which will offer you a great moment of conviviality, accompanied of course by their famous Irish beers or traditional ciders!

Irish food: the essentials