Irish fish and shellfish dishes

In Ireland, the sea and the ocean are everywhere: they are omnipresent! We find them in the Irish way of life… We can see them in the incessant coming and going of the fishermen… We find them in gourmet plates… In short: Ireland is a country that lives in symbiosis with its environment. It is therefore the perfect occasion to taste its fabulous gastronomic resources: oysters, fish, mussels, cockles… there is plenty to enjoy while tasting the end of the end of Irish gastronomy!

Taste the delights of the sea in Ireland!

Specialities of all kinds… from a sustainable fishing policy…

Oysters and Guinness - ©Diageo

Oysters and Guinness – ©Diageo

In Ireland, the products are of quality! We have the right to ultra-fresh, tasty and generous. It must be said that Ireland has an undeniable asset: whether lakes, rivers, or the Atlantic Ocean, Irish fish that live there enjoy an ecosystem that is still preserved!

And even better: the country has been striving for years to put in place a sustainable fishing policy, within the framework of the preservation of the oceans.

This is why more than 80% of Irish salmon is organic, and comes from farms that respect the environment and the needs of the fish.

At the end of the end, you will find your happiness with Irish smoked salmon, cod, trout, Galway oysters, or crab claws! Not to mention smoked haddock, sole, mussels, prawns…etc!

There’s something for everyone, and there are many Irish recipes to accommodate these exceptional products!

Among the timeless ones, don’t hesitate to try Irish fish and chips: simple, economical, it’s above all a real pleasure!

As for the more adventurous, don’t hesitate to try the strange association “Oysters and Guinness”, a dish resulting from an accidental discovery in 1837. Since then, the Irish have been crazy about it and even manage to convince the traveller’s palate!

Don’t hesitate to try your luck: you’ll tell us about it!

Irish fish and shellfish dishes: the essentials