Irish Christmas Specialties

Irish Christmas Specialties

The Irish love to celebrate Christmas: it is the occasion for them to enjoy good traditional Irish dishes, which they savour with their families… If you want to celebrate Christmas the Irish way, here’s a small glimpse of some of the main dishes cooked for the festive season in Ireland… Whether sweet or savoury, you won’t be disappointed by this culinary journey!

Traditional Irish Christmas meals

One watchword: conviviality!

In Ireland we know how to receive! And Irish families are no exception to the rule at Christmas time! They put the small dishes in the big ones, and propose meals which are transmitted from generation to generation!

Here, everyone has their own family recipe, but the idea is the same for everyone: to offer generous, traditional, hearty and hearty dishes! Christmas turkey, cakes, sweets… There’s something for everyone, and something to please young and old alike in a festive atmosphere!

Irish Christmas Specialties: the must-haves