Medieval banquets in Ireland

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Medieval banquets in Ireland : activities and sites to visit

Medieval Banquet at Dunguaire Castle

Localisation en Irlande
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It's time to feast as in the time of the Kingdom of Ireland! Medieval meals, dances and the king's madness will create the atmosphere in the beautiful Kinvara Castle!

What to expect?

Do you like old castles and are you passionate about the Middle Ages? Some Irish castles offer you to take part in real medieval banquets, worthy of the greatest of the time! Taste tasty dishes in an exceptional setting, surrounded by dancers and troubadours, in front of a good fire!

Medieval banquets in Ireland

Meals to rediscover history!

Medieval banquets have the advantage of immersing you in Irish History while having fun! Taste delicacies of the period, discover medieval entertainment styles, and experience Irish culture as it was known in the country at the time!

Many castles offer this type of attraction. Book early to make sure you get your seat!