Irish museums

Irish museums

You like museums? So do we! Ireland has a great many museums, most of which offer free admission. From the Titanic, to historical museums, to exhibitions on Irish beverage making, museums in Ireland are exciting!

Discover Ireland’s museums

Establishments that are often free!

In Ireland, culture occupies a prominent place, and the government favours access to state museums, generally offering them to the public free of charge.

So you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to visiting these institutions! Starting with the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, which houses an incredible collection of historical, zoological, artistic and other objects…. Don’t miss their mummies from the peat bogs, or their magnificent collection of Celtic and Viking artefacts!

Historical museums, literary museums, experimental museums… You will have a vast choice in front of you, wherever you are in Ireland!

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An ultra famous distillery in Ireland, which produces one of the best whiskey in the country!

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Dive back in time to Prehistory, the Middle Ages and the Vikings by admiring the impressive collection of objects in the museum!

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A nice Dublin museum, to be explored by taking your time.

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Have you ever heard of the leprechaun, that 30-centimetre creature, as stingy as it is mischievous? The museum invites you to get to know him!