Irish lighthouses

Visit these giants of the sea, which have been facing the ocean for centuries!

Discover Irish lighthouses

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Irish lighthouses : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

If you like seascapes, then you will undoubtedly love the great lighthouses of Ireland! Magnificent, they silently watch over the coasts and the ships sailing nearby, and have a history that sometimes goes back centuries! Majestic, some can be visited, while others are closed to the public… Here is an overview of the most beautiful Irish lighthouses!

Visit the lighthouses of Ireland

Giants facing the sea

They can be found everywhere in Ireland: along the coasts, near villages, ports and places where boats frequently come and go. There are dozens of Irish lighthouses! Some of them are said to have been built several hundred years ago, while others, much more recent, also add a certain cachet to the landscape.

Most of these giants of the sea can be visited, but it all depends on the season. All of them are now automated, and no longer have lighthouse keepers as in the past. You will then discover how the new lenses work, how to sweep the coast efficiently, and the precarious daily life of the old keepers… A must-see for marine history buffs!