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Irish Food Markets : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

Ireland is a country whose culinary culture has improved incredibly over the centuries. Forget their cuisine based on potatoes and cauliflower! Irish gastronomy today is recognized worldwide! It must be said that what characterises its success is above all its beautiful products from an inimitable local soil. And what better way to discover these culinary treasures than by visiting the Irish markets!

Irish markets

A culinary and cultural discovery of today’s Ireland

Cheese, meat, fish, shellfish… In Ireland, we have a taste for good things and things well done. This results in tasty products, which you usually come across in Irish markets.

A perfect opportunity to see, taste and touch exceptional dishes, such as their Kerry lamb, Galway oysters, cheeses from small local producers, not to mention the quality of their milk, butters and vegetables!

More than a simple stroll between the stalls, an Irish market is discovered by taking the time, by exchanging with the craftsmen (always ready to make the effort of the language with foreigners), and of course, by tasting!