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What to expect?

Ireland is a land of character. The many Irish distilleries that have taken advantage of the island’s wild resources are a testament to this. The country has made it an ancestral know-how, resulting from centuries of tradition, experimentation and innovation of all kinds. Thus, local distilleries have drawn their inspiration from recognized local resources: pure Irish water, coupled with Irish barley and malt, have made it possible to create whiskeys of character, praised throughout the world!

The country has such a reputation for excellence in whiskey that every year thousands of visitors come to push the door of Irish distilleries to discover their secrets…

On the program: explanation of the manufacturing processes, tastings of great vintages, and discovery of the history of whiskey “made in Ireland”. Enough to fascinate the amateurs of this amber alcohol with a strong character!

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The secret? Triple distillation and an ancestral know-how!

Dingle Distillery - Gerhard Pratt - cc

Dingle Distillery – Gerhard Pratt – cc

Did you know that the origins of whiskey are Irish? Although it is generally attributed to the Scots, the history of the creation of whiskey is 100% Irish! That’s why Ireland is as well known for its distilleries as its neighboring country!

But each country has its own techniques and know-how: that’s why Ireland has been recognized for centuries as a whiskey specialist… and knows how to distinguish itself from the competition!

It must be said that the country has several strings to its bow: ingredients of great purity, a know-how passed on over several generations… and above all, a unique technique: triple distillation!

Considered as the keystone of most Irish distilleries, this technique allows to refine the aromatic profile of the final whiskey, making it finer, silkier and without residues. It is also richer: a triple distilled whiskey is generally more complex, more floral and more powerful.

Some Irish whiskey tenors have made it their specialty. Distilleries like Bushmills in Northern Ireland, Tullamore Dew, or Midleton in the Republic of Ireland use this technique for each new production.

Whether you push the door of the big ones, or of the more modest distilleries, you will learn above all that whiskey is a spirit which requires patience, quality ingredients and mastery of the still! The opportunity to learn more about this renowned alcohol, while enjoying a small guided tour on site, in a setting smelling of barley, malt and hot copper of the fermentation tanks!

What a good time, whether you are a connoisseur or not!