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Irish Caves : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

What if you were to discover a little-known facet of Ireland today? The country has many caves and underground galleries, which caving enthusiasts will enjoy exploring! Thousands of years old, these galleries tell in their own way the story of Ireland from its geological formation to the present day. Fascinating caves to explore with sworn guides who will show you Ireland from a different perspective!

Thousands of miles of underground galleries

Fascinating magnificent Irish caves to discover!

You can’t see them, but the caves in Ireland are famous for their beauty and mystery! Dug by water and time, these caves extend like sprawling underground galleries, punctuated by impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Most of these caves have been left as they are, or partially converted to accommodate the public. Some are even wheelchair accessible.

It should be noted, however, that some of the more confidential caves can only be accessed with a sworn caving instructor. Never venture out alone in this type of cave: they are not equipped for visits by the general public, and the presence of an instructor is essential, as is the fact of being perfectly equipped for the occasion.