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Irish castles : activities and sites to visit

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What would Ireland be without its mythical castles, bearing an indescribable charm? Whether they are intact or in ruins, they are all full of mystery and strong history… Sieges, battles, coronations, turf wars, discover without further ado what lies behind these time-worn buildings. It’s this way to discover them in more detail!

Castles in Ireland

More than 3000 Irish castles scattered all over the country!

Ross Castle - _spy_ - cc

Ross Castle – ©_spy_cc

Castles have a very special place in the history of Ireland… Remains of high historical value, they alone evoke the many centuries of conflict with the Kingdom of England. Whatever their state, all of them have their own charm and history. Sieges, battles, victories, defeats… The episodes are numerous and exciting! They will reveal to you the medieval past of the country in all its splendour, between Anglo-Irish conflict, clan warfare, and fierce power struggles…

Not to mention the architectural beauty: Irish castles are home to many wonders! It must be said that the country has benefited from multiple influences for the construction of its castles. The Viking and then Anglo-Norman presence gradually shaped the architecture of several thousand forts.

There are more than 3000 castles throughout Ireland (including Northern Ireland). Most of them are accessible free of charge. For the others, a guide will be happy to show you the sites from every angle! (All this for a price ranging from 5 to 15€ maximum). Be careful if you explore them from the inside: some ruined castles are impassable and even dangerous! It is recommended to admire them from a distance and not to venture there: your safety is paramount, as well as the protection of the Irish historical heritage!

Please note that some buildings may also be located on private property. Do not hesitate to consult our guide before venturing there!