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Irish breweries : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

It is impossible to visit Ireland without first understanding its special relationship with beer. It must be said that the country has become a real speciality in the world of brewing! The whole world envies its know-how, and Irish beers are exported all over the world!

That’s why you’ll be surprised to find countless breweries in Ireland. Whether they are the fruit of great brands (such as Guinness), or small volumes for local pubs (micro-breweries are specialists), most are open to visitors. You will then have the opportunity to discover the manufacturing secrets of Irish beers… and even taste them!

Temples of Irish beer!

Factories to discover the ancestral know-how of Irish brewing.

From Guinness, to Beamish, to local micro-breweries, you’ll learn all about the processes involved in brewing Irish beer, and how to get that inimitable taste!

It must be said that most breweries in Ireland open their doors to the public to sell on site, but also to let you discover their ancestral secrets, used for centuries to brew quality beers. Whether you’re more of a Guinness, Kilkenny, or a lesser known but equally notable beer, you’ll find something to suit you!

Our favourites include the Guinness Storehouse, a museum dedicated to the brand’s empire, and the Dungarvan Brewing Company, a local brewery that is well worth a visit!

There’s something for everyone… Always consume in moderation!