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What to expect?

In Ireland there are what are known as bogs. They are wetlands, between marshes and heathlands, whose ecosystem allows the decomposition of organic matter. This decomposition then allows the natural production of “peat”, a natural material used by the Irish for heating, or to produce whiskey.

Irish peat bogs

A fragile ecosystem, particularly rich!

Generally speaking, a peat bog is a constantly changing environment. It offers astonishing landscapes, halfway between lakes, marshes and wild moorland.

There are innumerable peat bog sites in Ireland, classified as protected nature reserves. Although a few sites are still exploited by the Irish, most of the peat bogs are now simply sites for eco-tourism.

They are particularly appreciated for their wild and restful surroundings, but also for the beauty of their landscapes.

In addition, the peat bogs have the particularity of perfectly preserving archeological remains. Also, you will learn that many prehistoric objects have been discovered there. Some prehistoric bodies have even been “mummified” by the peat, and are now exhibited in museums in Dublin (such as the renowned National Museum of Ireland). Their state of preservation is simply remarkable!