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Irish Beaches : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

Whether you are cold or not, Irish beaches are a source of wonder for travellers! Beyond offering superb landscapes, they are also great places for activities! Surfing, fishing, walking, swimming… The beaches of Ireland are ideal to recharge your batteries, take a breath of fresh sea air, walk barefoot in the sand, fly kites with the kids, and admire the surrounding scenery!

Taste the vastness of the sea and the ocean in Ireland!

Wild and unspoilt beaches, worthy of the most beautiful postcards!

In Ireland, the beaches are as beautiful as they are numerous! It must be said that there are several hundreds of them, because Ireland is an island! Big, small, busy, deserted… There is something for everyone!

Do not hesitate to venture there: the iodized air, coupled with the landscapes will do you the greatest good! You will even have the opportunity to feel like you are cut off from the world, away from the tumult of civilization! A pure sensation, which will recharge you like never before!