Irish Aquariums

Irish Aquariums

Want to satisfy young and old alike with a fun attraction? Discovering the great Irish aquariums can be an unforgettable experience! A great way to discover marine animals, whether they are fish from the Atlantic, or warmer seas and oceans!

Visit the aquariums of Ireland

An impressive collection of species from all over the world!

If your children are going around in circles, then the “aquarium” solution may be an activity of choice! Ireland has some of the most beautiful aquariums in Europe, with a large collection of rare species of all kinds! With an average rate of 7/10€ per person, these establishments will offer you the opportunity to enter an unsuspected aquatic world, composed of impressive sharks, dolphins, rays, groupers, but also river fish such as the famous Irish pike!

The aquariums are on the whole very well maintained, and will allow you to discover an exceptional aquatic flora, as well as rather rare fish. Possibility for some aquariums to let you feed the animals yourself. A beautiful experience in perspective!

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An idea for a family activity that will amaze young and old alike.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars 3.79/5 (28 votes)
A cool activity to discover the fish of the Atlantic with your family without getting wet!

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars 3.40/5 (10 votes)
Discover the biotopes of the Atlantic Ocean and admire the most beautiful local fish species! A beautiful aquarium that will make young and old dream!

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars 4.00/5 (5 votes)
An aquarium for the whole family that won't tell you any more about the fish living in the Atlantic and in the lakes and rivers of Ireland!

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