Fish smokehouses in Ireland

Fish smokehouses in Ireland

Did you know that? The Irish have a worldwide reputation for smoking their fish! From smoked salmon to trout, mackerel and haddock, Ireland has acquired an inimitable know-how! Most gastronomic critics agree: in Ireland, smoked fish is a matter of tradition and excellence!

Discover the ancestral Irish smoking process

Smoked fish in the Irish tradition

In Ireland, smoking fish is an age-old art! This practice, still in use today, is a delight for gourmets and other smoked fish lovers, who enjoy these delicacies with delight!

It must be said that the recipes in terms of traditional smoking are infinite, and you will then have the opportunity to discover the traditional Irish smoked salmon, roast smoked salmon, but also salmon, mackerel, or even smoked tuna with honey! Hot smoked, cold smoked… The possibilities are numerous and should amaze your palate!

Don’t hesitate to visit the fish smokehouses below: they will be happy to show you their smoking methods, let you taste their products, and offer you to leave with their best products!

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