Irish pub

Irish pub : what to discover

The Pint

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The pint is an Anglo-Saxon format, used in Irish Pubs to serve Irish beers. Considered a "big" format, the...

Tipping in Ireland

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In Ireland, tipping is quite common. Although not obligatory, it has its own rules and taboos. We'll explain everything!

Guinness Cascade

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The Guinness Cascade is a phenomenon that you can observe if you are served a Guinness press in an...

The Gastro-Pub

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The Gastro Pub is a term that refers to Gastronomic Pubs, serving strong beer, as well as fine food....

Irish pub and the children

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Are you going to Ireland with your children? It's good to know that they won't always be accepted in an Irish pub... We'll explain everything!

Did you know that Ireland is the country with the most Pubs per square kilometer? And for good reason ! I t i s absolutely i mpossible to miss them: they are found everywhere, whether i n town, or i n the smallest villages of the island! Sometimes there are even more than 3 or 4 per street! But why all the fuss around this place?

Basic rules of an irish pub

Counter order, and cash payment

An irish pub - Marco Assini - cc

An irish pub – Marco Assini – cc

Very widely frequented by Irish people in general, the Irish Pub (short for “public house”) operates on a principle very different from that which we know. You don’t have to wait for a server to place your order. Everything i s done at the bar, upon your arrival. As soon as the order i s placed, you will then have to pay cash, and you can take your glasses with you towards your table…

Impossible to negotiate to pay for everything l ater: in a Pub, we serve and we cash in the minute: this avoids problems…

Once seated, you can enjoy the charm of an Irish Pub. Most often, you will find a decor made of woodwork, antiques and advertising posters extolling the merits of some major brands of Irish spirits. Some photos, articles, and instruments can also be hung on the walls, to make the place even more picturesque…

An Irish pub opens i ts doors around midday during the meal. It welcomes customers non-stop until midnight, closing time.
Drinks are served throughout the opening period, but are no longer available shortly before midnight. I f your pint is not yet empty, at the time of closing, the staff is usually kind enough to wait for you, without throwing you away.

In addition, some Pubs tend to postpone their closing hours i n order to extend the pleasure.

What to consume in an irish pub?

What to drink?

Guinness - Zach Dischner - cc

Guinness – Zach Dischner – cc

The Pub counter will have a series of beer pumps from different brands. Because let’s not forget that I rish national sport is Irish beer delivery! And served by the pint please! Most pubs will offer you beers from major brands such as the famous Guinness, Beamish, Caffrey’s, Kilkenny, and many more!

Whatever happens, count on average € 4.50 for a pint, or around € 2.50 for a half-pint…

There is also a fairly precise vocabulary, which will allow you to escape some potential misunderstandings when ordering your beer . .. To start, a beer is ordered i n 2 formats: the pint and the half-pint. (Be aware that it is less profitable to take 2 half pints rather than a

Finally, note that the I rish Pubs also o?er I rish whiskeys. Then order a “half-one” and give the brand of the whiskey you want to consume.

IMPORTANT: alcohol is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

What to eat in an irish pub?

But the Irish Pub is also a place to eat. The cuisine is simple, friendly, and particularly generous. At an affordable price, it adapts to everyone’s tastes.

You can taste:

● the traditional Fish and Chips
Irish Stew (a sort of Irish stew)
Brown Bread sandwiches
● Burgers Houses
● Irish breakfasts called Irish Breakfast
● … Etc.

Do not hesitate to order: quality is there. (Allow around € 8 per person).

Irish music in Pubs

A Fiddle - puamelia - cc

A Fiddle – puamelia – cc

Another aspect inherent in Irish Pubs is also that of music. At the Pub, we listen to it, we dance, we sing. The musicians play there for an evening, and bring to the Pub an inimitable atmosphere, where customers eat, drink, dance, laugh and chat. During these evenings, the Irish musical and cultural heritage is put in the honor: the traditional pieces are interpreted in a warm atmosphere.

The fiddle, bodhràn, tin whistle, accordion, Irish guitar are the main instruments of the moment. The busiest Pubs often offer daily music from 9p.m. Do not hesitate to inquire with the bartenders…

Note that it is possible to follow the broadcast of rugby, football or hurling matches on certain evenings…

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.