Irish cocktail

Irish cocktail

Are you in a festive mood and want to discover Irish cocktails? There are hundreds of them! Irish Coffee, Bailey’s Coffee, Black Velvet… You’ll be spoilt for choice! Based on whiskey, Guinness, or coffee, they will seduce you and offer you a moment of Irish conviviality!

Drink in moderation as always!

Irish cocktail :

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To continue on your way, and to taste the traditional flavours of Irish cuisine, it is essential to discover Irish Coffee, a coffee made...[...]

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The Black Velvet and a famous Irish cocktail, based on champagne and Guinness. Created by the Brook's club bartender, this cocktail might surprise you!...[...]

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Bailey's Coffee is next door to Irish Coffee. It is another Irish specialty, based on coffee, Bailey's, and whipped cream. A delicious alcohol, ideal...[...]

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Like many European countries, the Irish have their own drink during the Christmas period: "Hot Whiskey". It is a tasty hot drink made from...[...]

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