Irish cocktails

Irish cocktails : what to discover

The Irish Coffee

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In Ireland there is an Irish cocktail called "irish coffee". Based on coffee, whiskey and cream, it is one of the musts to discover in Ireland!

Black Velvet

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The Black Velvet and a famous Irish cocktail, based on champagne and Guinness. Created by the Brook's club bartender,...

Bailey’s Coffee

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Bailey's Coffee is next door to Irish Coffee. It is another Irish specialty, based on coffee, Bailey's, and whipped...

Hot whiskey

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Like many European countries, the Irish have their own drink during the Christmas period: "Hot Whiskey". It is a...

Ireland would not be Ireland without the charm of its Irish pubs and its beverages forged by centuries of tradition and culture. The country has an exceptional know-how in this field, and knows how to combine flavors and aromas with subtlety… This is particularly true of Irish cocktails, drinks that are a real success in Ireland, but also beyond the island’s borders. Let’s take a look at these drinks that have made the reputation of a creative and inspired country!

Irish cocktails

Drinks that rely on know-how and tradition

The Irish country always knows how to honor its traditional products by combining them with simplicity and generosity! The proof is in the mythical cocktail: the Irish coffee. This drink was invented in Foynes, a small Irish village, which served as a landing place for transatlantic flights by seaplane between 1939 and 1945.

The stewardesses of the planes found a way to relax stressed passengers by serving them a coffee with a drop of whiskey and a little sugar. This gave birth to the famous Irish coffee, which is now also served with a little cream.

The success of this cocktail is so impressive, that it is served in most bars and pubs around the world! Australia, England, Germany, USA, France, Canada… The Irish coffee has become a universal cocktail!

But it is not the only one to have conquered the palate of pub customers. Ireland has other flagship cocktails, such as the Black Velvet, or the Hot Whiskey!

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