Irish beers

Irish beers

Irish beers are well known for their reputation. Most of them are world-famous. While the Irish have a solid reputation as drinkers, beer is a drink in Ireland that is celebrated in every pub. Red, brown, lager, draught, bottled or canned, Irish beer is THE drink of choice. With the famous Guinness beer as a figurehead, Ireland has been able to find followers of Irish beer all over the world.

Centuries of know-how, at the service of beers of character!

Irish beers brewed in the love of quality products!

There are hundreds of them: Irish beers are as numerous as they are varied! Whether they are produced by large groups or by micro-breweries, they all have this typically Irish character and authenticity in common!

Bitterness assumed, taste sometimes caramelized, sometimes fruity, they have countless flavors! Whether you’re into Guinness, Beamish, Kilkenny, or Smithwick’s, you’ll also fall for more confidential beers, produced in smaller quantities, such as O’Hara’s or Dungarvan!

Irish beers : what to discover

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