More than one million pints of Guinness are sold every day in Ireland!

In Ireland, there is an essential drink, a true symbol of the whole nation. It is Guinness! This typically Irish beer is so successful that it is estimated that more than one million pints are sold every day in Ireland! An institution that has lasted since 1759, and which is drunk in the pub, on draught, in the manner of all Irish people.


A true irish stout

A Guinness being served - © bizoo_n

A Guinness being served – © bizoo_n

Guinness is a historical Irish beer, brewed since 1759 by the famous Arthur Guinness, a rather inspired man who started brewing beer with one idea: to conquer Ireland with new flavors.

After more than 260 years of existence, the bet seems more than won. Irish beer is sold every day in Ireland in astronomical quantities, and is also exported with the same success to the rest of the world!

But what is this Irish beer worth? First of all, it is a stout (a category of beer with strong flavors), with a dark ruby color tending to deep black. It distinguishes itself from other beers thanks to its thick and unctuous white foam inflated with nitrogen, as well as by its strongly bitter and caramelized aromas.

This results in a beer of character, obtained with special ingredients such as roasted malt and roasted barley grains…

Guinness is also distinguished from other beers by a whole process when it is served on draught. Indeed, the Irish brewery does not cease to communicate on the fact that a good Guinness on draught requires a preparation time of 119,5 seconds. Not a second less, be careful, we are not joking in Ireland on the subject!

Indeed, the beer would be served with a special tapping machine working with nitrogen (contrary to the others which work with CO2). In order for the liquid to become full of nice bubbles, the pint is served in 2 times, with a necessary pause for the formation of the foam.

Over one million pints distributed per day in Ireland

A colossus that is exported all over the world

Une pinte de Guinness - Charlotte Marillet - cc

Une pinte de Guinness – Charlotte Marillet – cc

The success of Arthur Guinness was rather dazzling. So much so that over the centuries, the brewery has become a relentless industrial machine, capable of meeting very high demands. It owes its success not only to the quality of its beer, but also to its quality in terms of communication.

Because let’s say it right away: the brewery, beyond proposing a good beer, has deployed over the decades an overwhelming marketing strategy that has allowed it to become the market leader in Ireland!

Thus, the establishment has succeeded in becoming a strong national symbol, honoring Ireland.

Also, the majority of Irish people drink on average one Guinness a day, and consume it at the Pub… Why? Because it is impossible to escape in Ireland from an advertisement praising the merits of this beer! It must be said that the Diageo group, owner of the brewery, does not skimp on the means. Its advertising communication is excessive: advertising inserts, transport trucks, TV spots, sponsoring for rugby… Irish beer is everywhere, omnipresent wherever you go in Ireland! You can see it in the streets, in the pubs: everywhere!

There is even a museum dedicated to it in Dublin: the Guinness Storehouse is one of the best attractions in the Irish capital. It offers an experience in excess, and will make you discover the history of the brewery, its founder, as well as its production processes, its ingredients, its marketing choices… etc! The museum is so large that it even has restaurants that will offer you traditional dishes cooked with their dark beer! And a bar located at the top of the museum will offer you a free pint: the establishment will even offer you a 360° panoramic view of Dublin!

In short: the brand is omnipresent, and is part of the everyday life of the Irish! An impressive tour de force, which has the merit of surprising travelers when they set foot on Irish soil!

Add to that the pleasant taste, its finesse and its balance in the mouth… and you get a strong brand, which has become a national beer in its own right: the most consumed in the whole country! It has almost become a symbol of the Irish identity! For many travelers, drinking a pint of the famous stout is a must, if only to better immerse yourself in the heart of Irish culture!

The Guinness symbols

On the symbols side, we find in figurehead, the grandiloquent Celtic harp, appearing on each glass stamped by the brand, and on each can and bottle. For the anecdote, this harp, is not in the same sense as the one symbolizing the Irish State. Indeed, the choice of the harp as the national symbol of Ireland, was chosen by the government only many years after Guinness, causing a notable conflict of interest between the 2 parties. The brewery won the battle, and the State was forced to choose the harp presented in the other direction…

Another symbol of the brand: the toucan. The animal first appeared on advertising posters in the 1940s. It was seen comfortably installed in a nest and praising the merits of beer. This symbol was intended to convey an idea of softness and comfort. Guinness is to be enjoyed in a quiet, friendly place…

Finally, the famous slogan “Guinness is good for You” has made its mark, and has become a must when it comes to talking about this beer.

The different Guinness

Guinness West Indies Porter - © Guide

Guinness West Indies Porter – © Guide

The St James Brewery, produces different types of beers in order to adapt to the different demands of its consumers. For those who wonder why the brewery made this choice, it is simply because of their desire to renew and diversify. There is indeed an extremely extensive range in addition to the original Guinness. It allows the Diageo group to establish itself in the whole world with flavors adapted to its targets.

Thus, we can count the following varieties:

  • Guinness Draught: it is the most consumed beer in Ireland. Its alcohol content is relatively low and reaches 4,2%, which makes it a relatively soft beer. It has caramelized malty flavors, and reminds some coffee essences.
  • The Guinness Extra Stout : this beer is stronger than the Guinness Draught and reaches an average of 7% of alcohol content. More bitter, it is draught with carbon dioxide, unlike the other Guinness, which are served with nitrogen.
  • The Guinness Brewhouse Series: this beer is declined under several other types of beer produced in limited series in less than 300 pubs in Ireland. These series are frequently renewed and make the happiness of Irish people.
  • Guinness West Indies Porter: a beer from 1801, updated with very pronounced flavors.
  • Guinness Milk Stout : a Guinness with a taste of milk, chocolate and roasted malt.
  • Guinness Hop House 13: a lager that is very popular in Ireland!
    Guinness Foreign Extra Stout: a beer specially created in 1801 for African countries! A beverage stronger in alcohol and hops!

Guinness : what to discover

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