What are the photo lenses for successful photography in Ireland?

Photo lenses - Keith Williamson - cc
Photo lenses - Keith Williamson - cc

Photography enthusiasts who are not afraid to experiment with reflex or hybrid lenses will no doubt be tempted to take all their photo lenses with them, in order to be able to respond to every situation. In this article, we’ll give you advice on how to avoid loading yourself up unnecessarily, and find the lens or lenses that are versatile enough to meet your photographic expectations!

What photo lenses?

Don’t overload yourself unnecessarily: think flexibility and efficiency!

In photography, we all tend to overload our bags for fear of running out of equipment. It’s a normal anxiety, which is quite understandable, but it will have no mercy on your back! It has to be said that photo equipment generally weighs a lot, and experience often shows that you will never use all the lenses you bring with you.

But then what objective should we take?

Our answer is simple: it all depends on the type of photo you want to take.

Generally, Ireland lends itself to thousands of photographic possibilities. But generally, amateurs come to take landscapes, as well as some portraits …

Landscape photography: choose a wide angle lens!

For the landscape, the wider the angle of view, the better. So, we recommend a lens between 10 and 35mm: it will give you many possibilities in terms of panorama shooting! (Beware, however, the distortion of the photo with ultra-wide angle lenses).

If possible, choose fixed focal lengths, which are often brighter than a telephoto lens. If, however, you can’t do otherwise, it will also be useful to have a zoom lens to better adapt to your shooting.

The portrait photo

To better immortalize faces, we recommend lenses between 35 and 50mm, which often give excellent results. The ideal would be a 40mm, which comes as close as possible to human vision.

Once again, prefer wide aperture lenses, to obtain bright and luminous colors.

Constraints of photo lenses

Height and weight: be careful not to poison your holidays!

No need to invest in an imposing goal that will have to have its own bag. Unless you’re a real professional photographer, the amateur photographer will be happy with lenses that don’t take up a lot of space and don’t gain a lot of weight.

What about the airport?

At the airport, we advise you not to put your camera equipment in your hold luggage. Also, a good photo bag will be necessary, to take with you as carry-on luggage.

There are no security restrictions for taking your SLR and lens on board. Nevertheless, security will most likely require you to take your equipment out of the bag during the X-ray check. No big deal.