An Irish Road - Joseph Blewitt - cc

Weights and Measures in Ireland

An Irish Road - Joseph Blewitt - cc

Ireland is an Anglo-Saxon country, which uses different systems of weights and measures, which differ a little from our French-speaking habits . Here is an overview of the different Irish units of measurement, so that you don’t get too lost in your conversions!

The different units of measurement in Ireland

On the road

No problem here: distances in Ireland are expressed in miles, but also in kilometres. You will see them side by side on road signs to avoid confusion.

The same goes for speed, which is also expressed in miles per hour, but also in kilometres per hour .

Furthermore, fuel is expressed in litres, just like the rest of Europe. So you won’t be too out of place when you get to the pump!

In Pubs and in the Kitchen

A Pint of Beer – Fotolia / Guide Ireland.com

In the ads, the unit of measurement is “pint”, which is equivalent to 0.57L per glass. This unit is available in several measurements:

  • a pint,
  • the half-pint,
  • as well as the 3/4 pint…

It is mainly used for serving Irish beers, and in Irish Pubs .

As for cooking, most cookbooks express measurements in kilograms, but also in pounds (equivalent to 0.450kgs).

Table of measures

1 acre 0,4ha
1 foot 30,cm
1 gallon 4.54L
1 inch 2,54cm
1 mile 1,6km
1 pint 0,57L
1 pound (pound) 0.450kg
1 yard 0,91m


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