Travelling with your GPS in Ireland

A driver and his GPS - Public Domain
A driver and his GPS - Public Domain

In Ireland, the roads can be long and winding, sometimes with few indications! Not always easy to find your way around, unless you have a good sense of direction or already know the area well! That’s why we advise you to use a useful little gadget, whether you’re in a rental car or your own vehicle: GPS!

The GPS to travel serenely on the roads in Ireland

A rather useful travel companion!

Fed up with all kinds of cards that never fold easily and clutter up your glove compartment? What if you opt for a GPS so that it can easily guide you around Ireland?

Already bothered enough by left-hand drive, you won’t need to bother looking for your way! It must be said that GPS can be quite handy if you want to focus your attention on the road and the scenery, rather than on your exact location!

Be careful, however, we advise you to choose your GPS, and above all, to take with you what you need for its operation:

  • make sure that he has up-to-date maps of Ireland in his memory,
  • don’t forget to buy a plug adaptor beforehand so you can charge it every night (plugs in Ireland are different from the rest of Europe),
  • don’t forget to equip yourself with a cigarette lighter charger so you don’t fall into a dead end in the middle of nature!

Note that some car rental companies also offer them in their packages. Sometimes, the loaner cars are themselves pre-equipped! Also, do not hesitate to ask for information!

Finally, be aware that many phones offer GPS mode. However, make sure that your package is compatible with the use of GPS abroad! Many travellers return from Ireland with an exorbitant bill from their telephone operator, thinking that there will be no extra cost!

GPS at the airport

We advise you to take your GPS in your cabin suitcase or handbag to better protect it and avoid possible costs in the hold. Security should not see any inconvenience in having it on you (in the same way as a computer or a camera). The only obligation: they will ask you to take it out of your bag before X-raying it! Simple routine procedure.