The Giant's Causeway as a family - Alexey Fedorenko

Travelling to Ireland with your family

The Giant's Causeway as a family - Alexey Fedorenko

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Want to go to Ireland with your little family? Feel like seeing your dear blonde heads frolicking across the Irish moor, and listening to traditional music in the pub? No problem: the Irish country is a perfect destination to go with your children! It must be said that the island abounds in possibilities and attractions of all kinds. Whether you’re into museums, ruined castles, guided tours, or any other excursion, you will be able to live this experience all together, with fun and conviviality! Need to know more? Go ahead, we tell you everything!

Going to Ireland with your children

Outdoor activities that are perfect for fun

If there is one advantage to travel in Ireland, it is its wild landscapes and extraordinary nature! In general, children love to travel around the island: between its beaches, its mountains, and its wide open spaces, there is a good chance that they won’t get bored! Especially with the innumerable ruined castles of the country, as well as its prehistoric megaliths: dolmens, stone circles, cairns… There will be something to impress them!

Above all, don’t miss to make with them mythical places, such as Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant’s Causeway…etc. These places will seduce adults and children, so much their show is unique!

Finally, you should know that there are many sports activities to do with your family: boat rides, swimming on the beach (preferably in summer), hiking, fishing, surfing, rafting… There is something for everyone!

Go to the city for attractions tailored to your needs.

In Ireland, we know how to have fun with fun! And the big cities of the island are specialists in the matter! That’s why we advise you the Viking Splash Tour in Dublin (an amphibious bus excursion, where you are dressed like Vikings), or the Dublin Ghost Tour (another 100% scary excursion to discover the city while shivering with fear! To be done preferably for teenagers).

There are also, in Dublin as well as in Cork, Galway, Belfast and other cities, many exciting museums, which have totally revamped their exhibits, to captivate the whole family! Interactive screens, videos, reenactments with played characters… Everything is good to capture the children’s attention, and leave with good moments in their heads.

Also note that irish pubs can accept underage children during the day… provided that you ask for their permission beforehand! Whether your children are teenagers or youngsters, they are generally accepted, and will be able to listen to traditional music groups. Please note, however, that children are invited to leave the premises after 9 p.m.: a rule with which irish pubs do not laugh too much…

Irish food, perfectly adapted to the whole family

Then your children may be reluctant to swallow an irish stew, or enjoy a platter of Galway oysters. But rest assured, Ireland is a true specialist in fish and chips, burgers, boxty, Bangers and mash, and other simple and appetizing dishes.

Impossible not to find their accounts there: Irish food is tasty and in perpetual reinvention. It also has a close link with finger food and junk food. The many fast food and take-aways in the country bear witness to this!

Where to sleep in Ireland with your family?

Cozy establishments, adapted to all budgets!

Rest assured, in Ireland, we have more than just a choice of accommodation. And it’s all a question of desire, but also of budget. Here are the possibilities, ranked from the least expensive to the most expensive:

  • camping: here, it’s simple and without fuss. With the good franquette. Children love to pitch their tent, sleep in a camper or mobile home. We do not bet on an optimal comfort, but the costs are then more than reasonable, and make it possible to visit Ireland without ruining oneself.
  • The youth hostel: it is a good compromise for accommodation and to save on your budget. This type of establishment offers collective accommodation: dormitory rooms, double or single rooms. The more you ask for comfort, the more the price goes up. Note that the youth hostel offers a common living room for all guests, as well as a common kitchen.
  • bed and breakfast: it’s the perfect solution to stay with a local and enjoy an authentic experience! Irish breakfast is included in the overnight stay, and contact with your hosts will allow you to taste the art of Irish hospitality.
  • The hotel: undoubtedly the most expensive solution, but also the most flexible. Here, nothing unusual: we offer rooms that can communicate with those of your children. Breakfast can be included in the overnight stay. The comfort is maximum, and the reception is ultra professional. Good for children, but surely a little colder than the other possibilities.


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