The weather in Ireland

Met Eireann
Met Eireann

Everybody knows it: Ireland is known to have a rather random climate. The weather in Ireland is very changeable, and it can be hot for an hour, and then it can get very rainy. The saying goes that in Ireland you can experience all four seasons of the year in one day. So you might as well know that, to get organized and optimize your trip without the temporary bad weather ruining your holidays!

Knowing the Irish climate… and avoiding its traps..

1. Ask Met Eireann, the local meteorological service, about it regularly

Met Eireann

Met Eireann

Of course, it is not always easy to find your way around a changing climate. But the Irish weather specialist, known as “Met Eireann” is pretty reliable.

So he can predict hour by hour how the weather will develop, depending on a specific geographical area.

To follow their forecasts, we advise you to download their smartphone application. Available on Android and the Apple Store, this app named “Met Eireann”, will allow you to query their daily database, depending on your location. Their website is also a good alternative to consult their information.

Finally, there are of course other meteorological services. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you and make sure of its reliability index. The use of such a service will allow you to organise your day’s programme without worrying (museum in bad weather, and outdoor exploration in good weather!) !

2. Go out covered, and apply the onion technique!

In Ireland, it is best to cover yourself widely, and remove layers of clothing if the climate permits. This is called the “onion technique”! Also, we advise you to take with you what you need to survive the cold and the rain: sweater, windbreaker, hood…

Nothing prevents you from taking it off layer by layer, to enjoy a nice ray of sunshine if necessary! (because be careful, the sun can hit hard in Ireland!)

Note that in summer, the climate is more stable in general: the Irish even experience heat waves that are stifling to say the least. Also, put in your suitcase clothes suitable for all seasons: this will prevent you from being stuck with unsuitable clothes once you get there!

3. Avoid high-risk areas in bad weather

Climate change is still affecting Ireland. That’s why the green Erin regularly wipes out impressive storms. When winds are strong and rainfall is heavy, certain areas of the Irish coastline are particularly dangerous.
There is a risk of “flooding waves”, where the ocean can literally wash over the Irish coast, especially in the approaches to local harbours and beaches.

Also, for your safety, we advise you to visit the coast only in normal weather (storms do not occur every week in Ireland: you should be safe if you choose your period well!).

Granted, the sight of the raging ocean is beautiful, but it can be dangerous for everyone. So avoid it.