Surf in Ireland

A surfer in Ireland - © grafxart
A surfer in Ireland - © grafxart

Ireland is a bit the sacred homeland of European surfers who came to tease the huge waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The area is superb for throwing your board, and the waves and rolls are recognized by experts for their fun and perfection. Want to try your hand at surfing in Ireland? Here are some tips and tricks to get you started!

Surfing in Ireland

Where to surf in Ireland?

The most famous places for surfing are the west and the north of Ireland. The bays and beaches are often beautiful, and you can also enjoy a wonderful steep landscape with steep cliffs, green mountains and other hills flowing into the ocean.

The best surfing spots? There are a lot of them, but experienced surfers will mainly recommend these:

However, be careful of the force of certain waves, which could put you in danger. Always surf in safe areas, adapted to your surfing level, and always check the marine weather forecast before you set off!

Learn to surf in Ireland

Training and equipment

Any beginner wishing to discover surfing in Ireland should preferably take a few lessons before learning how to surf the Irish waves. The training requires a few qualities, including patience, calm, and a constant concern for safety.

It should be noted that many organizations offer “Surf” oriented stays. On the program, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of surfing or simply to improve your skills with professionals, who will guide you without difficulty towards full control of your board.

It is also possible to rent wetsuits and boards on the spot… on the only condition that you haven’t forgotten your jersey!

Of course, you’ll have to love cold water: it’s rather chilly in winter and the temperature of the seawater can sometimes be a deterrent. However, a good wetsuit will allow you to handle the waves in the greatest comfort, while staying warm! As mentioned above, many surf clubs rent them if needed, or offer them for sale. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice!

Summer in Ireland does not necessarily require wetsuits, and surfers sometimes spend their day on the water in shorts. Just think about sunscreen and a cap to avoid sunstroke!