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Stand Up Paddle in Ireland

Stand up paddle - EpicStockMedia

If you like to get off the beaten track, and discover new sports, then we advise you to try Stand Up Paddle, a sport derived from surfing! Simple and fun, it has the advantage of making you explore the Irish coastline from a different angle!

Stand Up Paddle in Ireland

A sport suitable for the whole family!

Stand Up Paddle (or SUP) can be practiced all over Ireland, on slightly sheltered beaches.

Its concept is simple, friendly, and amounts to paddling standing up on the board, to explore the surroundings. The necessary equipment consists in renting a simple board (surfboard type), a paddle, a life jacket, and of course, don’t forget to bring with you your best swimsuit (a wetsuit may be necessary if the water is too cold)!

You’ll find rental companies in the main Irish resorts, not far from the beaches and other spots at Stand Up Paddle.

Rather fun and amusing this sport will work your balance and your arms! Be careful however not to venture too far: stand up paddle is a sport that can be physical in case of strong currents! We therefore recommend that you practice in a group, in marked out and protected areas, sheltered from the waves.

Because let’s not forget: stand up paddle is only practiced on calm, swell-free days: otherwise your balance would be more than difficult to preserve!

Also, it is best to practice this water sport in good weather, on a day when the sea or the ocean is calm. Prefer the period from June to September for maximum pleasure!

Don’t hesitate to ask your Irish rental company for advice!

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