Spas in Ireland

Un massage en spa irlandais - microgen
Un massage en spa irlandais - microgen

Why don’t you take advantage of Ireland to recharge your batteries? There are many spas in Ireland that will allow you to relax in cocooning settings while enjoying the best of the country’s natural resources! There is plenty of room to relax and unwind, while enjoying the exceptional surroundings! Whether you’re in a hotel spa, a spa centre, or a specialised cure, don’t move: Ireland has got the best for you!

Spa in Ireland

For pure moments of relaxation!

Did you know that? Irish spas are increasingly enjoying a reputation for excellence!

Its establishments, which are increasingly ranked and awarded throughout the world, open their doors to real havens of peace and tranquillity! And that’s not to displease us!

You will be able to enjoy luxurious spas, in medieval castles, modern buildings overlooking the ocean, or in the heart of a wild park… Whether it’s for a massage, a treatment, or a longer stay (many spas are hotel spas), the establishments welcome you to bring you relaxation and well-being!

But Irish spas are best known for the quality of their treatments. You can enjoy traditional massages, whirlpools, steam showers, and products using the best of Ireland’s natural resources. Starting with their seaweed, sea salt, or their hot stones made of pure Irish basalt. A great way to recharge your batteries and forget all about it!

What’s up? Would you like to try a small Irish spa?

Some addresses of spas:

The awards

As far as prices are concerned, a spa is more for good budgets. Each rate will depend on the treatment, but count on average between 45 and 300€ per treatment, without a night in a hotel. For the complete formulas with overnight stays, it can go from 380 to 800€ for a weekend.