Sleeping in Yurts in Ireland

Yurts - Public Domain
Yurts - Public Domain

What if for once you went off the beaten track to test a whole new type of accommodation? Although not very Irish, the yurt is an alternative that is attracting more and more tourists looking for a green and cheap roof! So try out the yurt in Ireland!

Yurts in Ireland

A Mongolian tent to bring you closer to Irish nature…

No need to go to Mongolia to taste the sweet life of these yurts! Very fashionable at the moment, they allow you to spend nights in a cosy and comfortable setting, without having to go to the B&B or the campsite …

The interior is always particularly well equipped: a stove, beds, and cushions furnish the space perfectly to offer you a most pleasant night! Even better: the centre of the roof is open, so that you can better admire the starry sky, and thus commune with the wonders of nature!

Where to find yurts, and at what price?

Yurts can be rented all over Ireland at prices not exceeding 35€ per person. The best known and most grandiose corners are as follows:

  • Chleire Haven
  • Kinsale Glamping
  • Teapot Lane Glamping