Sleeping in an Irish castle

Ashford castle - © Patryk Kosmider
Ashford castle - © Patryk Kosmider

Did you know that? Ireland is a land of castles… Magnificent buildings, bearers of a deep history… and which have shaped the Ireland of today. So why not sleep in an Irish castle during your stay? You should know that the country has many castles that have been converted into hotels. These are often luxurious establishments with incredible charm!

How to spend a night in an Irish castle?

Treat yourself to a night of total change of scenery!

I might as well say it right away: sleeping in a castle in Ireland is one of the things you should do at least once in your life! It must be said that the experience is unique and a bit crazy!

Generally, these castles are very comfortable and play the luxury card. This requires a certain budget, but I promise you, you will be welcomed like a king!

Magnificent room (often furnished in a medieval spirit), tapestries, large paintings… Not to mention the cuisine offered on site, which will allow you to enjoy yourself! On the program, tasty dishes, cooked with care… Enough to revive you!

Where to book your night in an Irish castle?

There are countless websites offering to book online your future stay in a castle in Ireland. But we particularly recommend this one: Celtic This site lists exceptional castles converted into hotels. And it must be said: the choice is enormous!

Among the unavoidable ones, we advise you :

Count between 150 and 300€ per night per person. A substantial budget, but one that will be up to the standards of the services provided. Service with the small cares for the customers, grandiose rooms: an experience all in excess! The staff is generally very professional, entirely devoted to the well-being of its clientele, and is full of historical anecdotes about the castle that welcomes you!

Note that there are castles of all sizes, from huge constructions to more modest ones (like square towers). Also, you can choose between gigantic hotels and more intimate establishments. It’s all a matter of desire, setting and what you are looking for!

Above all, don’t hesitate to make reservations in advance. This type of accommodation is more and more in demand: many travelers wish to experience a night out in a castle in Ireland.

It is also important to know that there are generally several types of rooms: double rooms, single rooms, canopy beds, king size beds… Some castles offer ultra-modern services while others play the card of the old and the tradition. Generally, each establishment offers an Irish breakfast included in the night. But be sure to check before you book.

Some of them also have beautiful gardens and parks stretching over several acres (often occupied by forests). Perfect for a walk after a good night’s sleep, to recharge your batteries and discover the Irish countryside!

Some of these parks are even equipped with magnificent golf greens. On the program, caddies, exceptional links… And the opportunity to offer a magnificent introduction to golf for beginners… or a more robust practice session for experienced golfers. Be careful though: the use of the greens is generally subject to an additional fee. Don’t forget to ask for prices before you start: this type of activity is often expensive! It’s best to anticipate as much as possible to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Finally, remember to enjoy the moment! Sleeping in a castle in Ireland is a real opportunity: you might as well live the adventure to the fullest!