Sleeping in a lighthouse in Ireland

View on Hook Head and its lighthouse - © svetok30
View on Hook Head and its lighthouse - © svetok30

If you also like unusual vacations and do not do like the others, then we advise you to try the experience of sleeping in a lighthouse in Ireland! Forget the traditional bed and breakfast or hotel: prefer to spend the night in a magical place, in permanent contact with the ocean! There’s nothing like it to experience a change of scenery, in total reconnection with the wilderness! You will be refreshed!

How to spend the night in an Irish lighthouse?

Many local lighthouses offer you their hospitality!

Galley Lighthouse - Simon Toussifar

Galley Lighthouse – Simon Toussifar

Just imagine the picture: you are lying quietly in the warmth of your bed… while the incessant waves of the ocean roar in your ears… You know it: the ocean is there, near you: vast, wild and powerful. Restful too.

Isn’t it classy?

You will have understood: spending a night in an Irish lighthouse promises you a unique experience and is to be done at least once in your life. It’s an opportunity for you to reconnect with the essential in a breathtaking and majestic setting. You will discover fascinating stories of sailors, and understand the main principles of a lighthouse… then explore the surroundings, between cliffs, rugged coastal landscape, and small colorful and welcoming villages.

In short: a night off the beaten track!

Clare Island Lighthouse - © Wirestock

Clare Island Lighthouse – © Wirestock

How to find an Irish lighthouse offering overnight stays?

It is not easy to know which lighthouse offers accommodation in Ireland… But don’t panic: there is a website for that: the Great Lighthouses of Ireland. It lists all the Irish lighthouses authorized to offer you hospitality… and you can even book online!

In general, the following lighthouses offer you hospitality:

You will generally stay in outbuildings or in the former houses of the lighthouse keepers. Most of the Irish lighthouses are now fully automated: they no longer require a human presence to operate.

All of them are equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay: comfortable beds, bathroom, kitchen… You will be surprised by the level of comfort on site!

Don’t hesitate to book as soon as possible. This type of alternative accommodation is currently very popular. Travelers are more and more in search of unusual experiences, and lighthouses (just like castles for that matter), are currently experiencing a craze from tourists. (and we understand it easily!)

An experience for nature lovers only!

Blackhead Lighthouse - © peter

Blackhead Lighthouse – © peter

Although spending a night in an Irish lighthouse can be a real treat for most people, we would like to warn you that such isolation can sometimes be “oppressive” for some.

The phenomenon is rather rare, but some travelers, more used to the city, can be disconcerted by such a change of scenery. The isolation, coupled with the ambient noise can be destabilizing… (especially after having read a good old book about Irish sailors… That’s all it will take for your fertile imagination to get going! Especially since some lighthouses are said to be haunted…).

But don’t worry: sleeping in a lighthouse in Ireland offers you a rich and safe experience. Some of these buildings are centuries old. So they are ultra safe, and have already proven their worth, for a long time!