The leader in the low-cost airline market, Ryanair is an airline that particularly serves the cities of Europe and Ireland. Of Irish origin, Ryanair offers a large number of low-cost flights, making it the second largest Irish airline: Aer Lingus.

Choosing your flight on Ryanair

A minimum service for small budgets

An aircraft from the Ryanair fleet - Mikel Ortega - cc

An aircraft from the Ryanair fleet – Mikel Ortega – cc

Ryanair has enough to make other airlines grind their teeth: many travellers choose this company for its low-cost tickets. Nevertheless, Ryanair is distinguished by a somewhat different commercial policy.

Here, everything is based on the principle of optional and complementary offers. To put it simply: the more options you take, the more comfortable you will be during the waiting phase, while boarding, and during the flight.

Without its options, Ryanair is only committed to providing a minimum service, without fuss or fuss. So don’t expect to receive a free meal on the plane, or to be offered a drink: here everything is paid for down to the last detail, and you’ll have to open your wallet if you get hungry!

Same thing if you want to choose your seat: Ryanair will charge you an option to choose your future seat, or to pass in priority before the other passengers during the boarding phase. Same thing for checking in checked baggage or taking out flight insurance.

A policy based on “the option”, but which seems to satisfy users on a limited budget!

Booking your ticket on Ryanair : our tips

Here are some tips to know, to fly in the best conditions with Ryanair…

  • book in advance: it is advisable to book your ticket a few months in advance. This will allow you to benefit from a lower fare than if you took it a few days before your departure. Price differences can be huge, and ticket prices are changing rapidly. So don’t wait to book your flight if the opportunity arises: the same offer could see its fare double or triple in a matter of hours! It’s all about timing!
  • use the flight comparators: it may happen that a Ryanair ticket is sold at a higher price on the airline’s official website than on one of its partner websites. Don’t hesitate to use comparators such as Opodo (or Kayak) to find your flight at the best price!
  • pay attention to airport taxes and handling fees: it is not uncommon for Ryanair to regularly propose extremely attractive offers, for any traveller with a tight budget. As you surf on their website, you will then find flight offers at extremely varied prices, ranging from a hundred euros to flights offered for the modest sum of €0… The most sceptical among you will then look for a trick that hasn’t escaped them? You should indeed know that Ryanair displays on its website the prices of its flights without counting the airport taxes as well as the booking fees… (The latter are mentioned at the time of the final purchase of the tickets). These taxes added, you will then find yourself with a cheap ticket, but which will not correspond to the 0 € announced (count up to 50 € on average depending on the options and taxes) … The deal is therefore quite interesting, provided that you don’t forget to add the additional taxes.

Practical Information

To make your reservations or simply discover Ryanair’s services, you can visit the official website of the company.

Ryanair Covered Destinations to Ireland…
Departure City City of Arrival
La Rochelle Dublin
Nice Dublin
Nantes Dublin / Shannon
Paris Beauvais Dublin