Road tolls in Ireland

The M50 road in the Republic of Ireland
The M50 road in the Republic of Ireland

If you are planning to take the motorway in Ireland, there is some useful information to know, particularly in terms of tolls. There are no toll roads in Northern Ireland today. However, you will come across some in the Republic of Ireland. These are divided into 2 categories: conventional toll roads, with barriers to pay, and the eFlow toll road which is on the M50 around Dublin. Come on, we’ll explain it all to you.

The principle of tolls in the Republic of Ireland


In the Republic of Ireland, most toll motorways operate on a principle equivalent to that of motorways in France. With one exception: tolls are free of charge for disabled people in Ireland.

The toll roads are rather pleasant to use: very well maintained, they are wide, in excellent condition, and rather easy to drive on.

The case of the M50

In the Republic of Ireland, there is a special case concerning toll roads: that of the M50 Toll Road, a road on the outskirts of the city of Dublin. This busy road does not have toll gates, but has camera systems that automatically scan your number plate. This allows you to follow your journey on your own, and calculate the amount you have to pay for yourself.

You must then pay the toll fees online, before 8 p.m. the next day, i.e. :

  • you can find out more about them at,
  • at an approved retailer displaying the Payzone logo
  • by phone at 1890 501050 from Ireland.

You can rest assured that the system is safe, secure, and works very well. It’s child’s play!

Bon à savoir

Tolls are signposted in advance via road signs.

Physical tolls accept Visa and Mastercard, as well as cash.