The Road in Ireland

A road of Connemara - Francesca Guadagnini - cc
A road of Connemara - Francesca Guadagnini - cc

Everyone will tell you: the roads in Ireland are far from being the best! Their condition often leaves a lot to be desired and their holes, bumps, and other defects will sometimes leave you doubtful. Although the main roads are in excellent condition, the small roads are as authentic as they are tortured, but let’s face it: a small road all damaged, in an Irish wilderness, gives a certain charm! Here is without further ado a glimpse of what awaits you… in addition to left-hand drive!

Roads in Ireland

Pretty bad roads…

Let it be said: Ireland has a road network that it is currently trying to renovate. So no worries about motorways, expressways and city roads: they are as spotless as in France or anywhere else.

Where the bottom hurts is in the small, lost holes of Ireland, where the Irish DDE does not pass regularly. You will then have all the chances to find yourself on narrow roads (wondering if they are indeed two-way!), sometimes bumpy, bumpy, unmarked, and bounded by the famous dry stone walls that the Irish love! But don’t panic: they are all passable, and can only be travelled at a moderate speed to avoid any unpleasant surprises…

In any case, Irish roads (outside the main roads) are rarely saturated. So you might as well take your time and enjoy the scenery!

Sheep on the road…

In Ireland, agriculture is sacred! That’s why you will quickly find sheep grazing in the wild, without the supervision of their shepherd. And of course it is not uncommon to come across them on the side of the road, or right across the road!

Whether the sheep is alone, or in a herd, learn that the sheep is not a beast that can be dismantled, or frightened in front of a car, on the contrary! Sheep are very quiet and therefore have the reputation of often delaying passengers, stuck in their cars, patiently waiting for the animal to make way.

So we must admit it to you: there is only that to do! It is advisable to drive slowly near a sheep, or to stop when it is on your path.