Scuba Diving in Ireland

Scuba Diving - Malcolm Browne - cc
Scuba Diving - Malcolm Browne - cc

Although it’s chilly just a few metres below the sea, Ireland offers a remarkable seabed for scuba diving enthusiasts in Ireland. Divers agree: you don’t have to go deep to admire the underwater life. Going down about ten metres, you will find countless cold-water fish evolving in an exceptional aquatic flora!

Scuba diving in Ireland

A magical world just a few metres beneath your feet!

It is possible to dive just about anywhere along the coast of Ireland. Among the most popular spots are Galway, Antrim, Cork and Waterford.

However, we always recommend the presence of a certified diving instructor: never dive alone (this is the diver’s number one rule). Adopt an attitude where fun also rhymes with safety and respect for your environment: this is the major condition for a successful outing!

There are many dive clubs and dive centres in Ireland offering excursions at reasonable prices. Beginners will even have the chance to do their first dive in the company of an instructor. As far as the equipment is concerned, the clubs will rent you without any problem wetsuit, stab, regulator, mask, fins, weights…etc.