Pike Fishing in Ireland

A pike - NERYX
A pike - NERYX

Pike fishing in Ireland is more than a hobby, it’s an art! True monster of the Irish lakes, the pike is a most coveted prey! The most seasoned anglers are always trying to reach new records, trying to catch the biggest pike of their lives … But many Irish people seem to be convinced that the biggest specimens have never been taken out of the water…

Pike Fishing in Ireland

A fish, object of all lust!

There are many legends and stories about exceptional pike fishing in Ireland. It must be said that this fish is often regarded as the catch to be made, for any good fisherman who respects himself!

Of variable size, it can measure from 30 to 110 cm, and weigh from 2 to 10 kg! A beautiful beast in short, that it is not rare to catch… even by accident! (provided you have a good fishing rod of course !).

It is most often fished with lure, bait, or fly. It’s all a question of feeling and also of patience!

Where to fish for pike in Ireland

The Irish pike is found in good numbers in most of Ireland’s large lakes. Here is a glimpse of the deep waters where it likes to swim, while teasing the fisherman:

Free Fishing Zones Fishing Fee Fishing Areas
  • Shannon (County Limerick)
  • Erne
  • Barrow
  • Bann
  • Macnean (County Fermanagh)
  • Lough Beg (County Derry)
  • Muckno (Monaghan County)

Be careful to always sin in accordance with the legislation in force. Some fishing areas require a permit: don’t hesitate to ask the tourist office of the county where you fish…