Opening hours in Ireland

Opening Hours in Ireland

Opening hours in Ireland

Shopping hours in Ireland differ little from what we know in France and elsewhere. Many shops and museums offer rather flexible opening hours which it is important to know, so that you don’t find yourself in front of a closed door…

Shop Opening Hours

  • Shops in Ireland are open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.
  • Some shops are sometimes open longer on Thursdays, and sometimes go until 8pm/21pm (except in big cities like Dublin, where some mini-markets are open until midnight, especially on O’Connell Street).
  • Tobacco, on the other hand, opens at around 7am and ferments later (often around 9pm).

Opening Hours of Museums and Tourist Sites

The opening and closing times of the Museums vary according to the season and the location. Nevertheless, most of them are generally open from 9am to 5pm .

Same thing for most of the tourist sites in Ireland. Be careful however with the seasons: some of them are closed during winter…

Pub Opening Hours

Pubs in Ireland are open:

  • from Monday to Thursday from 10.20 am to 11.20 pm (excluding public holidays)
  • from Friday to Saturday from 10.20am to 00.20am (except public holidays)
  • sundays from 12.20 to 11.20 pm (except public holidays)

Meal times often take place rather than in France. Also, no need to ask for the menu card at 2 or 10 pm… Irish people often eat earlier, and a few pubs are not in this habit.

It should be noted that some Pubs may wait an extra half hour for the last customers to empty their glasses. In any case, you’ll never be thrown out as a mess: most Irish Pubs sometimes push the limits of the advertised hours … A way to prolong the good times!

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