The Midges in Ireland

A midge - MirandaKate - cc
A midge - MirandaKate - cc

In Ireland as in Scotland, it can happen to make bad encounters and run into midges… These bugs are in fact small mosquitoes that are particularly tenacious, virulent and feared by tourists, famous for the terribly itchy bites they inflict on their victims… Do you want to avoid meeting these hell gnats? Here are some tips and tricks to quickly get rid of these pests…

The midges

Bugs that love tourists

The Midges are small midges, 2mm long and 1.4mm wide, belonging to the Simuliidae family. They particularly like wet areas, such as lakes, rivers, bogs and swamps… This is why they are mainly found in Ireland, Scotland, Camargue, as well as in some African countries…

The latter feed on the blood taken from their victims, melting on their prey in tight formation, like a swarm. (The proverb says: “One midge killed, a hundred come to the funeral“) And for their victims, the picture is far from pleasant! Itching, swelling and irritation to the point of blood… As much to say that their stings are rather painful, and unpleasant !

If you have ever been bitten, we advise you not to scratch yourself: the bites could degenerate into superinfection, and spoil your holidays!

How do you protect yourself from the midges?

The Midge is a rather playful mosquito… It is only found during the tourist period, between May/June and September/October… So much for when tourists are out to explore Ireland!

To avoid this potential problem, do not rely on mosquito repellents and other citronella products sold in France or elsewhere than in the countries affected by the Midges. The latter are simply without effect on the Midges, which are rather resistant beasts… So, we advise you to equip yourself once on the spot, by going to the nearest pharmacy : anti-midges lotions exist and will allow to easily defeat the attacks of these dreadful pests…

To make sure you don’t try them, here are a few extra tips:

  • midges only come out at dawn and dusk, so it’s easy to avoid them…
  • don’t hesitate to dress in long, thick clothes that protect your skin: midges will be powerless.
  • if you are camping, impregnate your tent with pyrethroid diffusers and provide yourself with a good mosquito net: this will radically reduce the risks..
  • If you can’t find an anti-midge lotion, the mosquito repellents used in tropical countries are a good alternative (Insect Ecran Peau, Cinq sur Cinq Tropic…etc.)