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A leap card - www.ceastudyabroadblog.com
A leap card - www.ceastudyabroadblog.com

If you’re walking in Dublin, and you want to take advantage of its public transport, then the Leap Card can be a convenient way to travel with ease. The Leap Card is a very useful plastic card with a smart chip that will allow you to use all available transport without having to book your tickets or pay cash. A practical card, to be taken for the adventurous traveller who wants to discover the city and its surroundings!

The Leap Card: what is it?

A unique map to travel around Dublin and its surroundings!

The Leap Card is the most convenient way to use Dublin’s public transport! This reloadable smart card has the advantage of being universal, and allows you to do without the usual paper tickets to travel, and thus save time!

You can hop on a Dublin Bus, Xpresso, Luas, DART and suburban train services around Dublin whenever it suits you, without having to plan your trip or buy a specific ticket in advance. A plus for those who don’t like queuing at the ticket office!

This card can be purchased directly from the Dublin Bus office, the DART Centre or from the official offer website: www.leapcard.ie (please note that the card will then be sent to you by post).
The card is cheaper and offers preferential fares that will save you money. There are also several formulas:

  • a Leap Card for adults
  • and a Leap Card for children

The amount to be credited to the card depends on you and your budget. They can range from 5€ up to 125€. However, be careful to make sure that your credit corresponds to your usage, in order to avoid any unnecessary expenses. The rates are very well explained on the website, and the public transport staff will be able to give you information on the rates for each journey.

Where to top up your Leap Card in Dublin?

There are many recharging stations in Dublin. You will be able to recharge your Leap Card:

  • within the Dublin Bus office
  • within the tramway terminals
  • within the DART terminals
  • in relay stores like Spar

It’s simple and easy!