Ireland: Flying in a wheelchair: our advice

A wheelchair in an Irish airport - Jenya Kushnir - cc
A wheelchair in an Irish airport - Jenya Kushnir - cc

Travelling for a disabled person can often be a real challenge in terms of organisation. Especially when the disability requires the use of a wheelchair. It is then necessary to plan ahead, try to anticipate (even when it is not foreseeable), and know how to adapt to situations where accessibility for people with disabilities has unfortunately not been provided for. A sad observation, sometimes encountered in airports… But what about in Ireland? Is Ireland easily accessible to people in wheelchairs? Here are a few tips to make your journey and flight a good time…

Travelling by wheelchair in Ireland

Irish airports: some advice

Even before you buy your flight ticket, we recommend that you check the policy of the airline you wish to fly with. Some airlines are more flexible than others. (If your chair is without any notable accessories, there are usually no worries. It may be more complicated, for example, if it is heavier, or if it is equipped with batteries)

On the placement side, it can be interesting to take a seat on the porthole side: practical to avoid being disturbed by other passengers …

Most airlines to Ireland offer pick-up from the moment you arrive at the airport. Please contact them 48 hours before the flight as this can take some time. Please let them know if you need special assistance.

The staff will take care of your care upon your arrival. Baggage check-in, priority boarding, and last disembarkation from the plane. This requires a bit of anticipation, so we recommend that you come well in advance to allow the airport staff to look after you properly. In the case of connecting flights, this also means taking them a little later: not only will it take you longer than the others to get off the first plane, but you will also need to arrive very early to be picked up for the second flight.

Also remember to explain to the staff how to treat your chair. Before handing it over to them, we advise you to remove all removable parts such as the seat cushion, the removable wheels and the footrests. These items can be transported on the aircraft and do not count as luggage.

When returning the chair, do not forget to check that it is in good condition: if it is damaged, do not hesitate to inform the airline immediately.

Finally, please note that most airport terminals in Ireland are accessible to the disabled. However, this is not the case for all aircraft, especially for short journeys.