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Having Internet while traveling in Ireland

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Do you want to go to Ireland without cutting the cord with the Web? Don’t panic, the Internet has a prominent place in the daily life of Irish households! Omnipresent, the Internet has indeed become an essential means of communication, and you won’t have too much difficulty enjoying it in Ireland! Nevertheless, the quality of the service depends on where you are, and you may well find yourself without Internet in some more remote areas… Here is a point on what you need to know to surf the web in Ireland…

The Web in Ireland

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Solutions exist to have Web in Ireland

Ireland is often criticised for incomplete coverage of its network, which often prevents even the most remote areas from benefiting from broadband (ADSL), or 4G. This is primarily due to a considerable delay by the government in equipping the country uniformly with high-speed telephone lines.

However, rest assured: the country is currently catching up, and Internet access is getting easier and easier, no matter where you are! So only a few small rural villages will be affected by this problem.

As for the accesses in town, they are generally very satisfactory! Many establishments (B&Bs, hotels, restaurants) offer free WIFI continuously, without any access restriction. This will thus avoid some cold sweats for lovers of big cities, who can’t do without a little surfing on the Web! So rest assured: you will be able to take your tablet or laptop with you without any worries!

4G with your current package

The end of roaming charges allows you to use your mobile in Ireland

Big advantage for Europeans who simply want to consult the Web via their phone. The new regulation concerning the end of roaming charges on the old continent will allow you to take advantage of your usual package directly in Ireland … at no extra cost!

All French operators have had to comply with this law, and now Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free and other competitors have a legal obligation not to charge you extra. The best way to connect to the Web, use your GPS or visit our fabulous site!

Be careful however not to blow up your package: overconsumption is quickly happening.

Another alternative: the local SIM

If you are not “hot” to use your plan on site, you can buy a local SIM card. These are inexpensive and allow you to buy a prepaid package and use Irish mobile operators.

Be careful though: this alternative is very convenient, but it still requires a unlocked mobile.

The 4G key

A suitable solution for your PC

If the phone solution is not enough, and you don’t want to use your smartphone as a means of connecting to your computer, then we recommend the 4G key. This is a simple USB stick, capable of connecting to the local 4G (again, roaming charges are not charged, but we recommend that you check with your operator as this varies from company to company).

This will allow you to connect to the Web from your PC! Simple, practical… but be careful! These keys work on a flat-rate basis, and overrunning them can be expensive.

Don’t hesitate to get an Irish 4G key: it can be interesting because it is often cheaper. You can find a lot of them at Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport. Count 30€ on average, with the possibility of recharging.

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