How to dress in Ireland?

Majestic Donegal, Ireland - © Luiz Andrade
Majestic Donegal, Ireland - © Luiz Andrade

That’s it, you’re all set: your trip to Ireland is scheduled, all that’s left to do is to pack your suitcase before you leave! It’s at this very moment that everything is decided: what clothes to take for your stay? Will it be sunny? Will it be cold? Should you overload yourself or travel light? Don’t panic: here are a few tips for a well-equipped trip!

Going to Ireland: recommended clothing :

Basic basics to have in your suitcase

In Ireland, the weather is particularly changeable! An Irish saying even goes so far as to say that there can be all 4 seasons in a single day! In other words, you’ll have to think big, and above all, take with you versatile clothes, as well adapted for good weather as for rain and wind!

That’s why we advise you to put some “basics” in your bag, which will serve you whatever the weather! Among these clothes, we recommend you to take :

  • t-shirts (tank tops, undershirts, etc.),
  • sweaters (or sweaters), with hoods if possible,
  • sports socks (compatible with walking),
  • jeans, or breathable pants,
  • a windbreaker,
  • good shoes (one pair is usually enough).

You should be ready to have a great stay, without overloading yourself too much. Above all, keep in mind that the climate is humid: it’s better to take off layers than to run out of clothes if you’re cold.

And don’t skimp on the quality of the windbreaker either: in Ireland, the weather is windy, whatever the temperature, and rain seeps in everywhere. So choose a good Kway, a little wider than your usual size so that you can put on a sweater…

Finally, do as you wish for the rest. Don’t forget your swimsuit, and a woollen cap if you ever travel around Ireland in autumn or winter.

You’ll be all set!

Don’t overload yourself

When you go on a trip, you tend to pack your bag quickly for fear of forgetting or missing something. Even if the risk exists, be aware that there are many laundromats in the main cities of Ireland: the way for you to travel light and clean, without piling up too much dirty laundry in your suitcase!

Count a few euros (or pounds sterling) for a complete wash and dry. It’s fast, economical and practical, and most of all very interesting if you’re going to Ireland for more than a week!

Please note that many hotels and B&Bs also offer this service for a few euros. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information!

Finally, it’s useless to take with you clothes that are too heavy. A travel bag that is too heavy can quickly become a nightmare to lug around! Prefer light clothes, with a few sweaters of course, but they won’t take up all of your bag!