How to connect Dublin Airport to city center

An Airlink bus in Dublin Airport - Canadian Pacific - cc
An Airlink bus in Dublin Airport - Canadian Pacific - cc

You plan to land at Dublin Airport, but you have no idea how to connect Dublin Airport to the city center? Don’t panic there are many solutions to reach the Irish capital throughout the day. Bus, taxi, uber: solutions are endless and adapted to desires and budgets of each
You will reach Dublin in less than 30 minutes at prices suitable for all budgets. It’s this way for more information:

Connecting the airport to Dublin city center

Dublin Airport: a place that is not close to the city center

An Aircoach bus in front of Dublin Airport - Canadian Pacific - cc

An Aircoach bus in front of Dublin Airport – Canadian Pacific – cc

First, it’s important to understand that the airport is far from Dublin. It takes about 30 minutes to reach it, because it’s necessary to take the highway! I’s not really a problem but it requires a little organization, especially on the way back, to avoid delays and not miss your flight!
In any case, you have 2 great options to reach the city center:
• Bus shuttles
• Taxi shuttles

Access to these transports is particularly well indicated at Dublin airport, you can find signs everywhere. It’s very simple: you will be guided as soon as you leave the plane. It’s impossible to miss them as the airport thought of foreign travelers!
In case of difficulties, do not hesitate to ask the airport staff for directions, they are helpful and kind, and will take the time to guide you!

Bus or taxi fares differ from one to another, but also from one company to another! In order not to spend more than expected, here are in detail the different possibilities to travel from Dublin airport to the city center.

Travelling by bus to connect Dublin city center

Shuttles 24 hours a day at low rates

The bus is the most economical solution. The main shuttles connect Dublin Airport to the major city center streets (Temple Bar, O’Connell Street, Heuston Station or Grafton Street). It usually takes half an hour to get there in a right comfort.
Don’t worry for large bags, most buses offer to store your large suitcases in their luggage compartment or on board in storage space. You just must ask to the drivers; they are used to and there is no extra cost for this service.

Here is an overview of the various shuttles available to connect Dublin Airport to the heart of the city, as well as their fares:

Dublin bus Dublin bus serves many stations in the city center. Buses can be identified by their colors blue and yellow. Lines are 16A and 41. Price 1€/child and 2.20€/adult. Disadvantage: it takes an hour to connect the city center as buses often stop and are not suitable for hurry people
Airlink Airlink has an express line that takes you from the airport to the city center. It costs €3 per child and €7 per adult for a one-way ticket. You will recognize them by their line number: 747 and 748;
Aircoach Aircoach serves the largest stations in Dublin. It costs €10 per adult and €1.50 per child for one trip. The buses are more direct and more comfortable, which explains the higher fare.

Travelling by taxi

A comfortable way to travel, but more expensive

A Dublin taxi - Raúl Villalón - cc

A Dublin taxi – Raúl Villalón – cc

If you don’t like public transport, and you want to keep your comfort, you will still have the choice for the Dublin taxi! This is the most pleasant, quickest mode of transport (because no stops at the stations), the most comfortable but most importantly, the most expensive!
It will allow you to reach a specific address, à la carte, without having to go through the official bus stops. An ideal solution if you don’t want to walk too far to your accommodation for example.

In terms of fares, you’ll have to spend between 20 and 30€ to reach O’Connell Street, Dublin’s main street. To avoid unpleasant surprises, do not hesitate to ask your driver before boarding. He can give you an approximate estimate of the final price.
Practical tip: Taxi can be very economical if you share it with more than 3 people: this allows to divide the costs! Ideal if you travel with friends, or if you meet at the airport users going in the same direction as you!

Note that taxis are usually parked outside the airport, ready to embark. They are easily recognized by their yellow and blue sign on the roof. They are appreciated for their kindness, and many make the effort if you don’t speak English very well. If necessary if you’re not too comfortable with the language of Shakespeare, don’t hesitate to write them your destination address.