The Hotel in Ireland

A hotel room in Ireland - kenishirotie
A hotel room in Ireland - kenishirotie

Do you want to be at your ease and sleep in the greatest comfort in hotels in Ireland? Ireland is a real pro in the hotel business and has a very reputable welcome. Whatever your budget, there is something for everyone! Whether you are a couple or a family, most of the country’s hotels offer packages adapted to your needs to provide you with peaceful and comfortable nights!

Hotel in Ireland: safe accommodation

The Benefit

Let’s open doors immediately: a hotel in Ireland provides a service that usually entitles you to an overnight stay in a hotel room, as well as a hearty breakfast when you wake up. Any midday or evening meal is subject to an additional charge. Beyond these aspects, your room is graciously cleaned by the hotel staff the day after your stay .

Most of the time, your future room is accessible in the early afternoon, and it is necessary to leave it at the end of your stay before 10:00 am (time for the staff to clean and prepare the room for other guests). Any delay can be charged to you .

Book your hotel in advance!

Please be aware that it is often difficult to find an available room if you have not taken a long time beforehand. Hotels are rarer than in France, and the possibilities of booking on D-Day are therefore slimmer … Ideally, we advise you to contact the hotel of your choice between 4 and 6 weeks in advance, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

To make a reservation, don’t hesitate to do it online on the Internet: there are now many sites listing hotels in Ireland.

Hotel Rates in Ireland

Hotels are relatively expensive in Ireland, and generally exceed the price of other types of accommodation (such as B&Bs, youth hostels, or camping). Of course, the price varies according to availability, the geographical location of the hotel, etc…. But most hotels offer rates that are much higher than those you may encounter in France. This detail may determine your choice later on.

Then, you should know that there are hotels of different categories that will offer you more or less expensive services…

In a standard hotel, the average budget per person is around 50 to 80€ . This covers the night, as well as breakfast, in the Irish style of course.

For a more luxurious hotel (a castle or a manor house for example), prices are likely to double… It all depends on the setting of the hotel chosen, its popularity, and the quality of its services.

A good budget is thus to be privileged if you choose the hotel. But this option allows you to ensure a certain comfort, as well as a certain flexibility in your trip …